Perfect NBA DFS Line Up for Feb 25, 2016

Written by William Foote

Our calculations indicate this was the highest possible scoring line up for NBA DFS action for February 25, 2016.

== Perfect NBA DFS Lineup ==
PG    Stephen Curry    61.0    10400
SG    James Harden    58.0    10500
SF    Mirza Teletovic    30.0    4800
PF    Amir Johnson    14.8    3700
C    Tyson Chandler    21.0    4300
G    Norris Cole    23.5    4900
F    Thaddeus Young    32.0    6700
FLEX    Donald Sloan    26.3    4600

Let’s quickly break this down to see what we can learn.

  1. Curry and Harden make their customary appearances and serve as last night’s studs.
  2. Teletovic is a guy that has been quite chalky in recent weeks due to the Suns injury riddled roster offering up ample opportunity for him to get minutes and contribute.  This is as common as apple sauce in the NBA and plays like Teletovic are almost always found in the perfect lineup.
  3. Cole was coming off a poor game and was battling an illness to boot (both factors keeping his ownership rate low.   Similar to Teletovic and his increased upside due to injuries with the Suns, Cole’s upside was helped considerable by the absence of Bryce Dejean-Jones (wrist) last night. 
  4. Then there were Sloan  and Young, who both had a dream match up against the aforementioned Suns and who we could see both getting a bit more run with Joe Johnson gonzo from the picture.  These were less obvious, but fairly probable outcomes all things considered.
  5. The two below the radar choices came in the form of Tyson Chandler, who was designated questionable for this match up after two missed games and Amir “Stinking”Johnson who has been so bad that his salary had fallen almost $1000 on Draft Kings in little more than a week’s time. I presume one could make a value argument for Johnson, but even that was a stretch given he had failed to reach even 20 FPPG in almost a month and was averaging a paltry 6.8 FPPG over his previous four contests.

Yet again we see certain, very noticeable attributes on a lineup that goes high enough to take down a large GPP tourny on DraftKings.  We see this particular construct quite often, which is a mix of a few Studs (Curry and Harden) that were priced right near the top of all salaries, with a few situationally strong value plays (Teletovic, Sloan, Young and even Chandler), and then one or two total contrarian outliers that you’d be halucinating to have projected their outcome in advance (a la Johnson tonight).   These are not hard and fast rules by any means, but no dubt we can learn a lot about roster construction by studying these near perfect lineups.



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