Perfect NBA DFS Line Up for March 5, 2016

Written by William Foote

Our calculations indicate this was the highest possible scoring line up for NBA DFS action on March 5, 2016.

What an interesting perfect lineup this turned out to be.  If ever there were a Stars and Scrubs lineup, this certainly was it, as there weretwo players in Iman Shumpert and Thomas Robinson that were at or near minimum salary.  Both players found themselves logging big minutes due to late injury scratches to the usual starters.  For his part, Robinson went for an incredible 53.25 FP on a $3000 minimum salary to finish at a better than 17X value multiple.  We talk about how important staying on top of late breaking news and injury reports are in the NBA and this is exactly why.  You simply cannot compete in NBA DFS without honing in on these type of last minute opportunities.

Interestingly enough, Kawhi Leonard, was also a play that hinged on injury news.  It was vintage Pop indeed on on Saturday when it was announced a few hours prior to tip off that Duncan, Aldridge and Green were all going to sit out.  Many folks did a pivot to Diaw and/or West in this situation, which was perfectly logical, but the smart money realized that minus Duncan, and minus Aldridge in particular, someone would have to pick up those ectrgoing to pick up those extra shots and of course up and coming superstar Leonard would be the guy most apt to fill in.

Gasol, Favors and Rubio all benefitted from decent situational match ups, but were by no means the chalkiest at their respective positions.  By far the lowest owned name on this list was Jeff Teague vs. the Clippers.  CP3 and the Clips are just middle of the road at defending PG’s as a team, but Paul himself is certainly an upper echelon defender and the Clippers in general have been playing pretty good defense in recent weeks.  Teague came in averaging fewer than 30 FPPG and had thrown up a 16 point dud just a few nights prior.  So nothing about the matchup or Teague’s current form were indicative of the 42.5 FP he threw up on the night.  So if you had Teague here, nice call indeed.

To reiterate once again though, this perfect lineup was all about late swaps following injury news.  Those that got the information likely had several of these guys rostered and won some money, whereas those that did not (get the news), likely did not (win any money).

Pos Player Opp Avg Actual Salary

Ricky Rubio

vs BKN 31.9 45.75 6300

Iman Shumpert

vs BOS 15.2 43.50 3400

Kawhi Leonard

vs SAC 38.8 54.25 7900

Derrick Favors

@ NOP 34.4 60.25 7100

Pau Gasol

vs HOU 40.9 63.75 8100

Jeff Teague

@ LAC 29.2 42.50 5900

Thomas Robinson

@ MIN 11.2 53.25 3000

Paul Millsap

@ LAC 38.8 56.50 8000
Totals 240.40 419.75 49700

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